At Theater in the Open, our mission goes beyond making art.
Our goal is sharing art.

As a professional company that produces free outdoor theater, each work we create is a gift to our community. The gift of a story, of a laugh, of imagination. The gift of time spent with family and friends. Join us as we explore the art of storytelling out in the open — from traditional tales, to classic works, to original productions.

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Theater in the Open is a national treasure. As an artistic space the company’s work is on par with that of global theater leaders. As a center for community and education I have never seen another place like it. I grew up at Theater in the Open [and] now work as a theater-maker and researcher internationally and I can tell you that in all my years working in Moscow, London and Sofia, I have found very few theater groups that are so successful at inspiring civic responsibility in both audiences and artists.
— Molly F.

Experience Theater in the Open

Watching a Theater in the Open performance is an opportunity to take an uninterrupted journey with us. Audiences sit within the performance space, connecting directly with the artists and their story. No walls or complicated sets to separate them.