ArtsEd Program Overview

As students grow and seek engaging arts experiences beyond our two-week Workshop Sessions, we work to provide greater continuity of learning. Our teen programs take theater theory and practice into more challenging modes,for those interested in further developing their talents. For those who are more interested in education and how Workshop runs, we offer a window into how the arts can be used to develop social and emotional strength in children. This is the foundation of the ArtsEd program for 13 and 14 year olds.

ArtsEd students will spend some time each day discussing education theory, but most will be spent working directly with young students, building relationships and listening to their concerns while developing practical experience.

In order to create a rewarding experience and to offer individualized attention, only a few spots will be available in this program each year. Applicants will be selected based on a desire to become familiar with the pedagogical underpinning of our education program, and an ability to focus on both the staff’s directives and their young students' needs. Based on the number of talented young adults that come through Workshop each year and the limited space in this program, we anticipate a competitive selection process.

Those interested in applying are asked to write a short personal essay describing an educational experience that in some way contributed to their desire to teach the arts. Length is not important; focus on expressing your desire and personal connection in concrete terms. Email personal essays to edward@theaterintheopen.org by April 15.

Cost of Program is $495
Runs four weeks, July 2 – 27

Please note, if you are age 15 or older and seek a Workshop volunteer position, please send a letter of interest to edward@theaterintheopen.org.