Arts Education...Exercise for your brain.

A growing body of research supports the fact that arts education not only makes students more creative thinkers, but it also has a positive impact on overall academic achievement. Arts education helps students build confidence, social and emotional intelligence and complex problem-solving skills, all of which prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century workplace. In particular, arts education helps to:

  • Boost literacy
  • Advance math achievement
  • Promote student engagement and motivation
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Build collaboration and communication skills


Theater in the Open has demonstrated consistently that they can work with young people and develop their creativity, commitment to a goal and remarkable self confidence. In these days of arts education being stripped from the education curriculum, organizations like TITO become a necessary part of the social fabric of our society.
— Marshall J.

What We've Achieved

  • Developed a Summer Arts Workshop Scholarship Program so economic circumstance is not a barrier to participation.
  • Increased capacity at our Summer Arts Workshop — we are now able to serve over 300 students each summer.
  • Offer instruction in theater, visual arts and movement, as well as training for students interested in youth arts education. 
  • Expanded our youth arts education summer programming from six to nine weeks of classes and added programs throughout the year.
  • Formed partnerships with a number of health and human services organizations to include underserved youths in our programs from areas beyond Newburyport. 
  • Our education programs are deliberately designed for the outdoors in order to develop confident woodland explorers with a deep connection to nature.