At its very essence, theater is communal — it’s about people sharing stories. We work hard to keep this most universal of cultural traditions alive and well by being open and accessible to all. In order to further that goal, we announced in March 2011 that our theatrical productions “in the Open” at Maudslay State Park would be offered free to the public. We are proud to have realized our long-term goal of producing free outdoor theater because we recognize that art helps to build community. Theater in the Open is a resource for people to establish connections with each other, with their imaginations and with nature. 

There are countless challenges that are part of running a non-profit organization. Funding, of course, is often the biggest. While Theater in the Open performs for free, our work is not free to produce. The talented artists who work with us — actors, directors, writers, dancers, costumers, designers — are compensated for their time and expertise. We are grateful for our supporters who believe in the importance of the arts, who understand the positive impact it has on our communities and who are passionate about supporting this work.

Beyond the challenges of funding our work, is the joy of sharing it with others. Please take the first step in supporting our efforts by seeing a show, learning more about our education programs and donating to the cause however you can.

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