A creative community

The Theater in the Open ensemble is a collaborative of talented actors, writers, musicians and performers who are committed to offering inventive, engaging and thoughtful productions to our community. Our performances speak to children, adults and families, celebrating creativity, sparking dialogue and inviting laughter.

If you are interested in learning more about what it means to become a member of our company of artists, please contact Company Manager, Aisha Chodat at aisha@theaterintheopen.org.

Being a Company Member has given me a laboratory to explore my artistic, philosophical and educational passions while contributing to a community that I care deeply about. This work fills my life with so much beauty and meaning that I am consistently compelled to give back with everything I have.
— Aisha Delilah, Company Manager

WHY JOIN theater in the open?

  • Advocate for the arts through education, volunteerism and community involvement.
  • Advance your artistic skills with professional mentors and inspiring peers — learn new skills and share what you already know.
  • Be a supportive role model to young artists.
  • Develop ideas and collaborate on original work with a wide range of artists working in a variety of disciplines.
  • Support community engagement with the arts by contributing to our free theater performances.
  • Contribute to the greater Newburyport cultural community.